Thursday, 9 August 2012

Favourite Eyeshadow at the min!

Behold my lovelies, it is the beautiful eyeshadow, club from MAC. Its a gorgeous duo chrome eyshadow. Looking greeny brown in the pan, but blending out to a gorgeous warm brown. 
(Sorry for robbing this photo, MAC's one was crap!)

Club packed onto the lid. You can see the green coming through.

Full on face view. This is a great colour as it's so easy. One shadow that looks like you've spent AGES doing your makeup.  The warm brown really brings out the blue in my eyes. Its just gorgeous! (sorry for hideous photo. It was taken at 6:30 am! )

This is a photo from a shoot I did. (Yes, its supposed to be that messy :P) I popped black kohl pencil all over the lid, then put club over it. This really brings out the green in the shadow, which gives a different dimension to a smokey eye!

Win all around for me! :) 

What's your favourite eyeshadow at the minute?


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