Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween looks :)

Hi all,

As we all know Halloween is just around the corner (2 days!!!)

As a lovely gesture, I thought I'd show you some ideas, courtesy of one of my very good friend, Emma.

Emma has had no professional training, she is just an amazing artist :)

She's got a make-up Facebook page, that you can find here.

She does make-up for debs, 21st's and is doing the make-up for my sister's wedding :)

Just a quick little post to share the love for Emma :)


Thursday, 27 October 2011

I Looooveee Bargains :)

 So my boredom led to me on ASOS, the online clothing Mecca, whilest I was lusting after their designer part, I stumbled upon their 70% off sale, that's where I found these babies for €26 .. reduced from €85 i must add :)

They're extremely high but soooo comfy :)  I will wear them loads... even if it is just in my room with a pair of PJ's on :)

My second bargain is this bag, from Penney's, for a bank breaking €3 :)

I can't show you the inside of the bag because that's where you can see its not even worth the €3 I paid for it. :)

Ya gotta love a good aul bargain :)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Little Post :)

My Tattoo's :)

I only have two, I thought about these for a very long time and I love them.

Firstly :

I got this done in January 2011. My parents bought it for me for my birthday.

Obviously I didn't know what to expect pain wise, but it was bearable. It took 2 hours to do.. (I think!)
I'd give the pain a 4/10 :)

The healing time for this was about a week, like most tattoo's it was quite tender to touch, but that went away after a few days.

I got this done in Inkwell Tattoo

Heres a link to their Facebook :

Carol & John are lovely people, amazing artists and made the experience as nice as it could be!!

My most recent tattoo:

I got this one done in August 2011. This was a treat to myself. (Properly the worst treat to give myself!)

I thought I would be grand going in to get this done as my other one was on the back of my ribs. Well boy oh boy I've never been so wrong in my life!!

The pain of this was like no other pain I've experienced, It took two sessions to finish.

On the first session I got the outline done,some shading and 1 and a half lilies finished. I was convinced I could get through it all, but all of a sudden about 2 hours into it, I felt like I was going to get sick and faint. That was enough for my body so I stopped then. 

On the second round of tattooing I went in like a bag of nerves! It hurt, LIKE A MO FO! The bottom flower was a killer, I thought I was going to faint again, I just kept breathing through it and it was over before I knew it. The second session only took around 40 minutes. I was delighted with the results :)

The healing time on this was around a week, and the second session took around 4 days for the peel to come.

The pain of this was 8/10

I got this done by Edel in Edenart Tattoo in Edenderry, Co. Offaly
Here's her Facebook page :

These tattoo's have meaning to me, and its personal so I wont go into details about it. I don't regret them at all, I still love turning around and looking at them in the mirror :)

Hope you enjoyed this little (long!) post :)


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

No.7 Voucher, and a not so impressed LauraLou

Everyone know's about these badboys, and until recently I used to just throw them away or just forget about them. 


  their blend and contour eyeshadow brush.

These retail at €7.00, but with the €7.50 voucher, they are free :)

Lovely brushes and for the price you cant go wrong!

Here are some pics of it compared to the MAC 217 and the Sigma E35

A Sigma E35, No. 7 Blend & Contour, MAC 217

Sigma E35 VS No. 7 Blend & Contour 

No. 7

The No. 7 brush is quite comparable to its more expensive counterparts, as you can see from the pics, its not as wide as the MAC or the Sigma, but still a dream to use. :)

Now comes the bad part..
I was in Boots the other day with my No. 7 voucher in tow, happy as Larry to be picking up my new brush, I went over to the counter and asked the girl had they any in stock as they weren't on the shelf. 

She looked at me like I'd 10 heads.

"Sorry, a blending brush??"

"Emmm yeah?"

"No. 7 don't do blending brushes, I don't know what you're talking about"

"SORRY WHAT? I bought one here the other day..."

"Well I don't know what blending brushes are,  and we don't have any"

She then walked off and finished doing someone make-up. 

I wasn't angry at her customer service (which was appalling), I was more so pissed off that she then went and did someone's make-up? I had the mentality that you had to be a professional MUA to work there? No? I guess not. 


P.S. I went to Boots in Blanchardstown and picked up 2 of those babies with my vouchers  :)

A new start!

Hi everyone! 

I've finally mustered up the courage to start a blog,  Most likely it'll be make-up reviews, maybe some tutorials and most certainly a place to rant :)

As a parting gift- I give you this :