Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hair Saviors!

Blame me? Nah, I'm going to blame my hairdresser for this catastrophe. For those who don't know, I've bright bright blonde hair. Been getting it highlighted for 5 years now, and recently started to get a blonde tint in it. So the lead up to my sisters wedding, I needed to get it dyed, so I did, but the hairdresser should have stopped bleaching it and used a high lift ( so my other hairdresser friend says)

So, all that bleaching has lead to me looking like this : 
(facial expression included)
So yeah, my hair has broken around 1 inch from my root. It's shocking, and quite upsetting. It's basically all the hair around my crown. To top this off, when I wash my hair, & brush it afterwards, it would fall out  in clumps, again, very upsetting. 
So, I asked my friend what should I do. She gave my a list of SAVIORS. 

Don't know how much, robbed on my niece! :) 





So we have: 

A wide toothed comb: this has saved my hair so much, it doesn't drag at the hair, which stops loads falling out

Kerastase Bain De Force: This shampoo is the business. You don't need too much, but it makes the hair super soft. Lather's very well. €19

Kerastase Masque Force:  I don't know where I'd be without this treatment. (Probably bald) I use this as a conditioner, but you can leave it in the hair as a treatment for hours. This is pricey, but it's done such an amazing job at revitalising my hair, I don't know what I'd do without it! €35

Redken Anti Snap:   This is another leave it treatment that you put on damp hair. You need to blow dry this into the hair to activate it. When I don't use this my hair isn't nearly as nice as it should be! Well worth the investment. Have it 2 months and haven't used half of it!! :) €28

Johnsons Baby No More Tangles: If I had to pick one thing out of everything above to use forever, it would be this. The spray in conditioner detangles the driest of hairs ( I've used it on my niece with wild curly hair!) It's deadly!!

I'm going to go back to the hairdresser when I pluck up the courage :( These have definitely helped with the state of my hair. Hope this helps anyone with shitty hairdressing/botch job :)



  1. Definitely try the Lee Stafford hair mask, the pink one called 'for hair that never grows past a certain length'!! It's amazing, I really think it'd help x

  2. Oh no! I just got my highlights done a few weeks ago, and I'm really not happy with them. I think she left the colour on too long, and it's much brighter than I am used to. I usually go with a dark blonde, so that when it grows out it looks natural. Now, I have clumpy looking streaks, and there's a weird patch right at the front, which you can see when my hair is up (ie, ALL THE TIME). I couldn't get back to here soon enough, and now I feel like it's too late. I wish I could tone them down somehow!

    1. Oh no!! :( Maybe go back n get low lights over them? :( Hate when hairdressers dont listen!! :(