Tuesday, 25 October 2011

No.7 Voucher, and a not so impressed LauraLou

Everyone know's about these badboys, and until recently I used to just throw them away or just forget about them. 


  their blend and contour eyeshadow brush.

These retail at €7.00, but with the €7.50 voucher, they are free :)

Lovely brushes and for the price you cant go wrong!

Here are some pics of it compared to the MAC 217 and the Sigma E35

A Sigma E35, No. 7 Blend & Contour, MAC 217

Sigma E35 VS No. 7 Blend & Contour 

No. 7

The No. 7 brush is quite comparable to its more expensive counterparts, as you can see from the pics, its not as wide as the MAC or the Sigma, but still a dream to use. :)

Now comes the bad part..
I was in Boots the other day with my No. 7 voucher in tow, happy as Larry to be picking up my new brush, I went over to the counter and asked the girl had they any in stock as they weren't on the shelf. 

She looked at me like I'd 10 heads.

"Sorry, a blending brush??"

"Emmm yeah?"

"No. 7 don't do blending brushes, I don't know what you're talking about"

"SORRY WHAT? I bought one here the other day..."

"Well I don't know what blending brushes are,  and we don't have any"

She then walked off and finished doing someone make-up. 

I wasn't angry at her customer service (which was appalling), I was more so pissed off that she then went and did someone's make-up? I had the mentality that you had to be a professional MUA to work there? No? I guess not. 


P.S. I went to Boots in Blanchardstown and picked up 2 of those babies with my vouchers  :)

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  1. I love these brushes, their Smokey Eyeliner Brush is brilliant too and also free with the vouchers.

    I can't believe the SA didn't even know what a blending brush was, madness.