Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Review; Inglot Gel Liner

Feast your eyes on this baby. Inglot Gel Liner 77. This is the blackest liner in the world. It's 100% waterproof, and does not budge.
Did I mention it's safe for the water line? ;)

This my personal one, I have 3 for my kit,2 black ones and  1 brown one. All my clients have commented on HOW black this is, and how it was still there the morning after their night out. (Bold! :) ) 

It's a great consistency to work it, not to thin, not too thick. Perfect. The only downside, it does dry out quite quickly, but this is solved by popping some Duraline into it. Also available from Inglot for €10. 

I've inserted a picture of myself wearing it, its just so black, can't say enough good things about this liner. I prefer it to Bobbi Brown Gel liner, it knocks it out of the park!! 

Oh, and it's only €15 ;)