Monday, 30 July 2012

How To: Perfect Brows

Brows are the key to completing any look. Below is how I do mine. PLEASE for the love of god do not go overboard with the shape!!

I know, they're measly!! 

Fill in the "body of the brow, do not go straight to the front with a heavy hand. Fill in the front part with upward feathery motions

Fill in the underside and tail of the brow, to get a defined shape.

Brows should begin here

Arch at the outside of your pupil.

Tail should end at this point.

I know this is very concise, but there isn't much more to do it! You can't dramatically change the shape of your brow without blocking it out. Go with what you have! :)

MAC 263
MAC Omega Eyeshadow

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