Thursday, 14 June 2012

I must have these!!

Right, so if you haven't noticed, I'm greedy. If i see something and I like it, I must have it. Fortunately for my bank account, this month & next, I won't be able to afford ANY of it. Unless I'm extremely nice to the boyfriend. (Take note Aidan! :) x ) 

 Right, first up, there's the cream makeup from Grimas Makeup. I really want to get these for my kit. They're extremely reasonably priced. 2 pallets for £50. Ain't bad at all.. right? (someone justify this please?!)
 You must be living under a rock if you haven't heard of Inglot gel liners. I have too much love for these. Number 77 is the blackest liner I've ever come across, these are 100% waterproof and are safe to use on the waterline! I think I need number 84,73,79,85,87 &76.

Next up, It's the Kryolan aqua colours. These are amazeballs. They can be used as face paints or as highlighters, blush and lipcolours. These would come in handy when you ... eh... I just want it :)

And lastly, is the 224. I already have one of these in my arsenal, it's just everything anyone could ever want in a brush. It's perfect. Everyone, go out and buy one. Now :) 

What are you lusting after??


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