Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Holy Grail Foundation!!

I've found "the one".. The foundation that makes your skin look amazing, can be built up & feels like a cloud!


Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

This foundation was €42. Pricey yes, it's worth every single last cent I scraped from my wallet to buy it. Its a light/medium foundation which is extremely pigmented.

I have shade 2, which is the fairest of them all! They do run quite yellow toned, but not nearly as yellow as most. (I'm looking at you MAC Studio Fix NC20). I'm a typical Irish Gal, yellow toned and burn like a lobster, however this doesn't look weird on my skin.

This foundation has no SPF so it photographs beautifully. It lasts well on my normal/oily skin. It has a lovely glow off it, not a greasy slick but a luminous glow.. (see what I did there?? :)) I don't think this would suit dry skinned people, however, that's when this guy's sister pops in. Lasting Silk UV Foundation, I've seen this on dry gal's and its just beautiful! 

As always, pop into a counter and get a sample before you purchase (bring your own tubs so they can't say no!) Don't blame me if you part with €42 :)


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