Saturday, 21 January 2012

Boyfriend Tag! :)

I was bold and robbed this from Hannah, over at & makeup :)

Basically myself & Aidan have been going out for 18 months now. Doesn't seem like long at all, but he's made for me.. (how mushy am i?!? HA!)

Isn't he YUM? :)

For the purpose of an easy read, Aidan will be in blue & I will be in purple

Boyfriend Tag:
Where did we first meet?
em band camp?? :) 
 Band camp!

 What was our first Date?
a walk to aoibhins counts or was it when she went to the lucan to watch the dragons game
Cinema on your 20th birthday :)

Did you know I was the one?
nope not at all
nope sure I thought it was just a fling! How romantic ha!

 What was your first impression?
gorgeous smile and eyes
He's such a ride!!

.When did you meet my family?
unoffically after that dragons game. food was thrown at me 
haha when I left him with my mam and dad & they were throwing food down his neck 

            What was our first road trip?
 Wexford - STARVING!! haha

Who said I love you first and where were we?
i did, gourmet burger, a bus stop and ur sitting room 
 Aidan did, I got all shy haha

   .What do we argue about most?
rugby vs american football 
American football vs rugby

Who wears the trousers in the relationship?
she does 
I do :)

What do I watch on Tv?
16 and pregnant, top gear, sex and the city, criminal minds, 
16 & preg, criminal minds, top gear, Come dine with me

What dressing do I have on a salad?
olive oil, pesto, cucumber, tomatoe, chicken, lettuce
Olive oil & pesto.. nomnom

What food don’t I like?
fish and mince
fish, lamb, pork, mince

When we go out to eat what would I eat?
chicken ceaser salad and veg spring rolls
Chick ceaser salad

If I was collecting anything what would it be?
make up

What is my favorite sandwich?
cheese toastie
Cheese toasty

What would I eat everyday if I could?
Chicken :)

What is my favourite cereal?
dont have one

What is my favourite music?
bit of everything: muse, mumford, lady gaga, florence, beyonce
 dont really have one, love Gaga, muse etc..

 What is my eye colour?

What is something I do you wish I didn't?
dutch oven me 
Laugh in inappropriate situations

What could I do all day long?
stay in my arms an smell my clothes
Get cuddles

What unique talent do I have?
make up 

making me smile :)

Making Aidan smile no matter what the situation.

Thanks for making the last 18 months so special A. Love you xx

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